EverDesk+ Max

Everything you could ever ask for in a desk, and more.


The EverDesk+ Max and Lite are both built to our exacting standards. However, the Max offers a few extra features over the Lite.

Dual motors: the Max's dual motors means that it adjusts faster and more quietly, and holds more weight than the Lite.

Greater height range: the Max goes both lower and higher than the Lite, so it suits more people. If you're below 160cm, we definitely recommend the Max.

Health Coach: while the Lite has a controller to move it up and down, the Max's Health Coach adds custom sit-stand reminders and custom memory settings.

For more details, check out the full comparison table.

Most definitely!

The EverDesk+ Max has the greatest height range in the market (60cm - 124cm). No matter how tall or short you are, we're confident that it'll fit you.

Various table top sizes are available — the configurator above includes dimensions, and will help you figure out the right size for you.

Our frames are designed to fit neatly into the tightest of spaces — they don't jut out from underneath any of the table tops. If the measurements of your table top fit, EverDesk+ will definitely fit. Easy!

Yes. You may build an EverDesk+ custom table top here.

Note that there is a 6-8 week lead time for custom table tops.

Of course you can! We’d be very happy to see you at our showroom!

**Showroom information**

110 Lor 23 Geylang, #07-09,

Victory Centre,

Singapore 388410

Monday to Sunday, 11:00AM - 8:00PM

We don't believe in products with a short lifespan. EverDesk+ is built with the highest quality materials and components, so that it will last decades. We've had EverDesk+ tested by various organisations so that we can be sure of it.

📃 View our certifications here.

That's why we're able to offer our industry-leading 10 year warranty.

In droves! EverDesk+ has numerous international certifications, such as by BIFMA, Global Greentag, and ANSI.

📃 You may view our certifications here.

Grommet holes are an inelegant solution for cable management - they're aesthetically ugly and functionally limited.

Instead, we've designed the UniGroove cable management system. The UniGroove and notch in our desks work much better than any number of grommet holes ever can. They offer much more flexibility with cable placement. They multifunctional, integrating with other accessories like shelves and monitor arms. And, they're much neater!

Yes, shipping is free to anywhere in Singapore!

However, there are surcharges for these scenarios:

- Deliveries to the islands (like Sentosa or Jurong Island) cost $20.

- If there is no lift access above the ground floor, there is an additional $20 charge per desk, for each floor up.

Delivery usually takes between 4-8 days from time of your order.


You can select your preferred delivery date on the Cart Page.


Leave a comment when you’re checking out, or email us at sales@everdeskplus.com after completing your purchase.

The EverDesk+ is built for easy self-assembly.

Clear step-by-step instructions are in the included manual.

- It should take you around 30mins.
- Assembly can be done by a single person.
*except the final step, where an added hand might be needed to flip the desk over.
- No additional tools are needed — we include all of the required tools.
- No drilling required — our table tops come pre-drilled.

📺 Watch Video Instructions

Yes. There is a $60* fee for assembly service.

You may select assembly service on the Shipping Options page of the checkout process.

*If you select a chair, the assembly fee is $20.


- We will assemble your desk for you upon delivery.
- The assembly service **includes all** of the ****accessories that you purchase.
- The assembly service **does not** include any equipment owned by you.
For example: your own monitor. We will clamp the monitor arm to your desk, but we will not handle your screens (for liability issues).

We’re proud of our industry-leading 10 year warranty, which we can provide because of how well our products are made.

📃 View our full warranty policy here.

You can.

Contact us within 7 days of the delivery date at support@everdeskplus.com — title your email “EverDesk Return” and include your receipt number in the email.

Please ensure that the items are neither damaged nor missing any parts, and have their original packaging. Note that there is a $100 fee to cover transport, administration and restocking costs.

A damage fee of up to 20% applies if the product is not returned in an acceptable condition.

Stronger Dual motors

Carries up to 120kg

Moves 8cm/sec

Quite <50dB

The desk that looks out
for your health

Health coach nudges you into healthy desk
habits - by reminding you to switch between
setting & standing at regular intervals.


Multiple Presets


The desk that looks out for your health

Health coach nudges you into healthy
desk habits by reminding you to switch between setting & standing at regular intervals.




The fastest, quietest, and strongest standing desk

EverDesk+ Max moves 150% faster, is 30% quieter, and carries 71% more weight than other standing desks.

Stronger Dual Motors

Carries up
to 120kg


< 50dB

Stronger Dual motors

Carries up to 120kg

Moves 8cm/sec

Quite <50dB


Never worry about your desk crashing

With the most sensitive sensors on the market, the GyroAxis mechanism detects obstacles when the desk is moving up or down, halting movement before any damage is done.

Built to be ergonomic. Built for all body types.

The Max goes a full 10cm lower & 4cm higher than other desks. This ensures you get precise sit & stand comfort, no matter your height.

Desk Height Range:
60cm to 124cm


Awkward gaps begone! Fits flushed against the wall

EverDesk+’s frame and feet maintain a seriously small footprint without sacrificing stability.

They won’t stick out, even with our smallest table top, allowing you to push your desk right up against the wall

Distraction-free stability, so nothing stops your flow

The T-shaped column design evenly distributes forces across the frame and legs — giving you maximum stability at every height.

Zero Wobble

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Worry free with our decade-long warranty

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